Mechanical and Physical Properties Testing


Test Item


Reference Standard

Tensile strength of plastic, rubber, film, hook, carpet, tape, rigid cellular plastic, etc.

Universal testing machine

ISO 37, ISO 527-2, ASTM D638, D412, D6693, D882, D1894, D1623, D3759, JIS A5759, SH-0112, ISO 1798 Type1,1A

-Load cell 100 N to 30 kN

-Maximum speed 500 mm/min

Compressive strength

-Extensometer 750 mm

ASTM D1056, D1621, D3575

Tear strength

-Temperature -40 to 100 °C

ASTM D624, D1004, D751

Peel adhesion test

ASTM D3330

Flexural test

ISO 75, ASTM D790

Adhesive strength

JIS A5759, FLTM BN 151-05 (method A)

Static and kinetic coefficients of friction

ASTM D1894

Puncture resistance

ASTM D4833

Slip resistance


Shear strength of single-lap-joint

ASTM D1002

Shear strength of single-lap shear adhesive joints of plastic

ASTM D3163

Hardness test

Scale B, C, A, D, F, G,


R, L, M, 15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 30T, 45T


20-90 Shore D (BAREISS ,HP-D)

ASTM D2240, ISO 868

10-90 Shore A (BAREISS ,HP-A)

ASTM D2240, ISO 868

Rigid part

ASTM D2583

Compression set

Closed cell foam, rubber

ISO 815, ASTM D395, D1667

Izod Impact test

Hammer capacity 2.75 J and 5.5 J, temp. -40 to 60 oC

ASTM D256, ISO 180

Charpy Impact test

Hammer capacity 4 J, temp. -40 to 60 oC

ISO 179, ASTM D6110

Heat deflection temperature of plastic (HDT)

Temp. 20 - 200oC

ASTM D648, ISO 75

Vicat softening temperature of plastic (VST)

ASTM D1525, ISO 306


Maximum 3200.00 g

Customer method

Moisture content

Temp. 25 - 160oC , Time 0 - 99 min

ASTM D6980 , ASTM D817

Particle Size, specific surface area

Particle size 0.1-340 µm Medium: water or ethanol

Customer method

Density, SG

Temperature 23oC, density 0.500 to 1.500 g/cm3


Water resistance (240 hr)

Painted parts

FLTM BI104-01, TSH1505G

Water Vapor Transmission



Water Vapor Permeability


DIN EN13469


DIN EN12086

Dried paint film


Water absorption

Thickness 12.5 mm

ASTM D1056, ASTM D2842, ASTM C209, EN 1609, EN13472

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR)

Specimen form: powder, solid, liquid wave number 4000-400 cm-1

ASTM E1252, ASTM D2702

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

Measuring range: 2.8 meter, Probe diameter: 3 and 6 mm, Laser accuracy: 24 µm

customer method